Advice for the best end result.
When you have an objekt in hand pleace give us a ring for advice as to
the best way to proceed. 

Birds and smaller mammals

If possible insert some soft tissues in the open mouth / beak
Wrap the bird or mammal in soft household paper and place in a plastic bag in the
freezer as soon as possible.

  Larger mammals  
Larger mammals should not be skinned but should be delivered to us as soon as
possible or placed whole in a deep freeze.

  Mounting of heads  

Heads shold be retained with as much skin as possible over the shoulders. Cut around the body behind the front legs
and then a long cut along the neck. please note, never cut in the front because then is difficult to hide when mounting.
Deliver the objekt as soon as possible to us or place in deep freeze.

Antler trophies

Deliver the complete head so that it will be cut according to the European standard.
Never saw the head yourself. If possible the object should be kept frozen.

Working on skins

Smaller mammals should be delivered whole or skinned. If possible frozen.
Larger mammals should be delivered skinned and salted or fresh.

Packing for shipment by post


Remove the plastic bag from frozen objects. Wrap the object in newspaper and place in a box. The box should be send by company post at 16.00 (this service is available at the post office) at the beginning of the week to avoid storage at the sorting office over the weekend.




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