For sale



We allways have a large number of ready mounted birds and mammals for sale.
Those birds and mammals which have not yet been mounted can usually be found in our frozen storage.
Please ring if you have any questions or special requests.

The prices are usually the same as the redy mounted objects with a small
addition depending on which species one chooses.

All CITES birds and mammals are delivered with a permit from the department of agriculture.

  Sädesärla Gulsparv Stjärtmes
  S.o.v Flugsnappare Gråsiska Kungsfågel
  Rödstjärt Nötskrika Nötväcka
  Tofsmes Buskskvätta Sparvuggla
  Törnskata Rapphöna Stenknäck
  Ljungpipare Björktrast Rörhöna
  Större Strandpipare Smådopping Strandskata
  Kricka Fjällripa Alkekung
  Morkulla Lavskrika Nattskärra

Other accessories

  Skuren sköld hjort Skuren sköld vildsvin Skuren sköld rådjur
  Ek sköld Hjort Ek sköld älg Ek sköld rådjur
  Standard sköld älg Standard sköld vildsvin Standard sköld rådjur

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